Obama the Justifier

Election reportage is reaching a fever pitch, and one of the hottest stories concerns a recently revealed interview Barack Obama gave to Chicago Public Radio in 2001.  In it, then Illinois state senator Obama talked about whether his desire to spread the wealth around might be better accomplished legislatively or through the courts and lamented that the latter hadn't done enough to further this socialist goal.While many have heard the interview, very few have identified its most troubling aspect.  It's not that Obama's answers were peppered with various forms of the term "redistribute," as all politically-sentient beings already know this is what he aims to do with other people's money.  It wasn't that he said the Warren court wasn't really all that "radical."  It's not even that he strongly implied the Constitution was flawed, as no legal document is perfect, and many thinking people would like to see the Constitution altered in some way. ...(Read Full Article)