Hey Plumber Joe: Been There, Done That

God love you Joe. Bless your heart Joe.  You, and people like you, are what makes the country work. You make the country great. You get it -- you act on it -- and you enrich the lives of your family and your friends and your communities and your charities as a result.But I think what I should say now is "God help you Joe."  Look, 16 plus years ago I was where you are now. And I must tell you  if Obama wins, I am pulling the plug in a few months. I am out. I have had it.  I am preparing to destroy almost 100 jobs and lower my tax bracket and I can't wait. Consider: 16 years ago I was statistically in poverty, but I had dreams and a plan. At the time, the remnants of Reaganomics still set the economic tone and a fired up Newt Gingrich was forcing conservatism on the Clinton White House every time Bill and Hillary tried to move left.  There were actually politicians who praised business owners and business in general.  Against that backdrop, I've...(Read Full Article)