Bill Ayers, the Marxist Revolutionary in the 1960s

Most of the recent attention on Barack Obama's radical associate and friend Bill Ayers has focused on Ayers' history with the terrorist Weather Underground (WU) group in the 1970s. But starting in the mid-1960s, Ayers was an influential leader of the revolutionary Marxist Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), from which the WU evolved.Kirkpatrick Sale's sympathetic, lengthy SDS: The Rise And Development Of The Students For A Democratic Society, published in 1973 by Vintage Books and long out of print, is the definitive history of the organization. The book is a comprehensive, near contemporaneous history written soon after the events it reports on and it is thoroughly sourced and annotated.  A complete copy of the book is posted at the Internet Archive, and can be downloaded as a free PDF file.After downloading the 2.5 MB file, using Adobe Acrobat Reader's search function, one can easily locate all of the book's references to Bill Ayers by keyword searching "Ayers,"...(Read Full Article)