Barack O'Bonaparte, Man of Destiny

What's so odd about Barack Obama is his extreme sense of self-confidence, matched with his extreme lack of experience. It seems as if Obama is utterly convinced he can do no wrong, and that Destiny is on his side. "Do you ever have any doubts?" asked a TV interviewer early on. "Never!" said the O with his big, trademark smile. That's not rational. Anybody who harbors no doubts about doing the toughest job in the world, the job that makes you a scapegoat for all the ills your enemies can dig up, and one which visibly ages all its occupants -- anybody without doubts about that  isn't thinking like an adult. Instead, he is starring in his own, child-like fantasy world. That is what Men of Destiny do. Lenin had it, Napoleon had it, and George S. Patton had it . Probably Ahmadinejad has it, too. They have no humility, and they feel justified in sacrificing others for the higher good they are convinced they know. A contemporary journalist wrote of Patton"Gen....(Read Full Article)