An Open Letter to Baroness Warnock on Assisted Suicide

When she said people with Alzheimer's should be able to appoint someone to request euthanasia for them, Britain's leading medical ethicist, Baroness Mary Warnock, caused a firestorm of controversy.   A similar, but little known, proposal was made by those in the forefront of Oregon's assisted-suicide law and the current Washington State initiative to legalize assisted suicide. The following open letter to Baroness Warnock explains how she will be far more likely to move toward her goal if she follows the Oregon model.   Dear Baroness,Your recent interview on a duty to die certainly caused a stir when you said you hope people will soon be licensed to "put down" those who are unable to look after themselves.         To hear the fuss from commentators around the world, one would think you'd never expressed that idea before.  But I imagine few people read about a lecture you gave at Giggleswick School in 1990 where you...(Read Full Article)