Will Chotiner's Law Work in 2008?

Murray Chotiner, who successfully managed Nixon's campaigns in 1950 and 1968, was the Ty Cobb of political campaigning, a ruthless and brilliant exponent of the philosophy that "politics is war." What would he think about this year' election?In 1964, he predicted that Goldwater would lose. His general rule was that the party whose candidates do the most fighting during the primaries almost always loses the election. His argued that the mutual accusations and mudslinging during the primaries causes bitterness that prevents a united front against the other party during the final campaign. Moreover, the other party's candidate has the benefit of all the mud and dirty laundry that his opponent's former rivals dug up about him. More often than not, Chotiner's law has prevailed in presidential elections. Will it work this year? At first glance, It would seem to predict a Democratic defeat. Therefore, in order to overcome the Chotinerian disadvantages they incurred during the...(Read Full Article)