The Party of Genuine Tolerance and Inclusion: Republican

Our next vice President boasts a lifetime NRA membership and poses for pictures blasting shots from an assault rifle.Yet her speech writer regards the NRA as: "the powerful, selfish National Rifle Association with its brutal lobbying tactics. You would have to search the Washington offices of the American Civil Liberties Union," he writes, "to find a more truculent and sanctimonious group of people - or for that matter to find grievances less deserving of serious attention."Governor Palin's speech writer, Matthew Scully, quotes Diane Feinstein for some of the above and boasts that he fully agrees with one of America's most vociferous gun-grabbers and most influential Democrats.Our next Vice President is a lifelong hunter who fills her freezer and feeds her family with the flesh of hooved mammals that she proudly stalked, killed and field dressed herself. Pictures of her posing next to the violently deceased creatures flood the web and blogospheres. Yet her...(Read Full Article)