Responding to Neo-Atheism

Neo-atheism has had a very successful publishing run over the past several years, with best-selling books by Christopher Hitchens ("god is not great"), Sam Harris ("Letter to a Christian Nation") and Richard Dawkins ("The God Delusion"), among others.  But this year there has been an equally impressive counter-phenomenon.  Three recent books, written from three widely divergent perspectives, have responded to the arguments of neo-atheism with both intellectual force and literary grace.In April, David Berlinski, a secular Jew and well-known skeptic of Darwinism, who holds a Ph. D. in Philosophy from Princeton and has written widely on mathematics and science, published "The Devil's Delusion:  Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions."  The book defends religion by attacking atheism's attempt to enlist science in its cause.  The book is written with Mr. Berlinski's characteristic literary verve.  To a Nobel Prize...(Read Full Article)