Obama and Daley's Public Housing Plan

[This is the final article in a series that includes "Obama and South Chicago Slum Developers" here, and "Obama's Friends and Chicago's New Slums" here.]"I hope there is not much predictive value in his (Obama's) history and in his involvement with that (the public housing developers community." (Boston Globe quoting Jamie Kalven, "longtime Chicago housing activist," June 27, 2008)When faced with the choice of supporting his well-connected developer friends making millions in Chicago's Plan for Transformation, or his district's poorest public housing residents, the former community organizer was an expedient politician. He followed the money. When Obama aligned with Mayor Daley's plan to redesign public housing, he linked to a story that's eighty years old, and shows no signs of dying.  It merits a brief review.  From the New Deal to the Plan for TransformationIn 1937, the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) became the municipal...(Read Full Article)