McCain and Leadership in a Time of Financial Crisis

Wall Street sinks; renowned financial houses are being foreclosed; Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been placed in government's hands; hedge funds have wrecked the economy.How will all this turmoil affect the Presidential campaign?At first glance, this may seem harmful to McCain. Liberal pundits and the Obama campaign will try to tar John McCain to these problems by linking him with the President and Vice-President into a new Axis of Evil: Bush-Cheney-McCain.How can McCain respond? His playbook should be turned to the chapters on offense, not defense. Fight, fight, and fight. And win.Since Barack Obama seems to have hung up the hope and change mantra for now to adopt the populist demagoguery that has sunk Democratic presidential hopefuls in the past, McCain should practice some jujitsu and turn Obama's argument against him.Barack Obama is the hedge-fund candidate in terms of findraising according to the New York Times. He and his fellow Democrats -- including New York Senators...(Read Full Article)