Fully invested in your misery

Obama seems happier these days.  It is almost as if the disembodied spirit of his mentor, Saul Alinsky, is watching and smiling.  Americans are suffering.  Losses in the stock market, panic in the financial market, pain at the gas pump and in the grocery -- all these miseries of average Americans are a delicious narcotic to socialists like Barack Obama.  What was the historic maxim of the Left?  "The worse, the better."  Alinsky said that if there was an afterlife, "I will unreservedly choose to go to hell."  This is the man whose mind guides Obama's thoughts.  Americans ought to ponder that before electing a man who thrives politically -- the sphere of his life that really matter to him -- on the unhappiness, helplessness, and hopelessness of his fellow citizens.  When his voice promises "hope," as it so often does, we should recall that what he is promising is communal "hope."  Our experiences,...(Read Full Article)