What states are really in play?

The McCain convention bump seems to be subsiding, and the tracking polls suggest the national race is back almost dead even.  Part of the recent movement may well be attributable to the financial crisis gripping Wall Street, and the fact that for not the first time, a sensible McCain statement on the economy is being distorted by Obama and his many media flacks as evidence that the Arizona Senator is out of touch. The fundamentals of the US economy are strong, as McCain argued:  94% of workers are employed, inflation last month  was 0.1% (the big drop in oil prices of over $55 a barrel  helps, saving consumers between $20 and $30 billion each month), and GDP grew by over 3% last quarter. When Franklin Roosevelt took office and said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, he was applauded for his statesmanship and leadership. A leader in a time of crisis tries to settle the ship and restore confidence. That is what John McCain is doing, but he gets no points...(Read Full Article)