Why I'm Thanking God for Obama

Every day, for the past several months, I've made a habit in my morning prayers of thanking God for the emergence of Barack Obama.  Not because my hope is in Obama, but because my hope is always, unequivocally in God.As so many have noted, 2008 is not an ordinary American election.Rather than two people with different policy positions vying for the President's job, we have one man who understands he's a mere mortal like the rest of us, and one man, who seems to think he is a god.And y'all know what I'm talkin' about here.  Many of Barack's followers manifest troubling signs of regarding him as at least a demigod.  Even while refraining from saying outright that they think he's a god, their belief comes through in the strange messianic iconography of their Obama-glorifying posters, videos and music.  Belief in the godlike nature of Barack's powers comes through in their faith in the vast promises he or his surrogates make about the change that's going to come about,...(Read Full Article)