Whose Voice Will Obama Use Thursday?

Will Obama deliver his acceptance speech with his own voice, or return to the oratorical style that permeated his primary victory speeches when he used the voice of Martin Luther King?Thursday, Obama will speak on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech. Will he lean on King's style, or speak, as he did in Berlin, with his own voice? The temptation to play off of MLK will be hard to resist. If he delivers a "My Dreams For America" speech, what might he say? Maybe these things:He'll start by thanking his supporters and saying the victory is not his, but theirs. He'll heap praise on Hillary Clinton for running a strong and historic campaign. He'll thank his family for tolerating his absence during long months on the road. Finally, he'll tout the experience and wisdom that Joe Biden brings to the ticket. All appropriate and predictable. He'll transition by telling the audience how they're part of history. Forty-five years ago, Dr. King...(Read Full Article)