Thy brother's keeper?

As America has gotten to know Barack Obama many have noted his apparent disconnection from many fundamental elements of his own life.  In describing his life experiences one analysis concluded he is "in" them, but not "of" them.  In other words, he has never been immersed in life -- never thrown himself full bore into anything, but, rather, has been fulfilling steps in a larger quest.  In his stint on the faculty the University of Chicago, among the most intellectually rigorous of schools, he published not one single piece of scholarly work.  As a State Senator in Springfield, he hung out with the movers and shakers, but formed no real personal alliances or friendships.  He played in the most exclusive poker game in town, but never seemed to win or lose, as he rarely took risks or invested himself in the game, just as he never threw himself emotionally into his work.We are coming to know a man whose life has been...(Read Full Article)