The Olympics and the Presidential Games

Is it a coincidence, I wonder, that our presidential elections are held the same years as the summer Olympics? Or is it the natural affinity of one sporting event for another? Americans are so obsessed with sports that even our legal trials have become gladiatorial duels between attorneys, with the judges acting as referees. So, it's not surprising that our elections have also become athletic events.Consider the language. While a Frenchman or German "places himself" for public office, and an Englishman "stands" for a seat in parliament, an American "runs" in the election "race". But U.S. politics involves more than sprints. A presidential campaign is as diverse as the Olympics, with its own pentathlon-the hat-in-the-ring toss, accusation hurl, issue sidestep, mud sling, and conclusion jump-and a marathon of such ferocity and duration that it makes iron-man triathlons seem easy. And just as with the Olympics, we begin with qualifying trials, or...(Read Full Article)