The Life of Barry

SatireIn entertainment news, it has been confirmed that the surviving members of Monty Python will reunite to film a remake of their classic religious satire, Life of Brian. The new version will be titled Life of Barry, and will be updated to reflect changing realities since the release of the earlier film in 1979. "Barry will be a messiah for the new millennium," said a spokesman for the troupe. "He will enable us to look at ourselves in a new way, to shine a new light on our beliefs, foibles, and prejudices. He will also stop the oceans from rising, heal the planet, end the war, and restore our country's image as the last, best hope on earth."AT has obtained a number of pages from the scenario outlining scenes that we can look forward to seeing in the completed picture. Barry and the Vice-Presidential Candidate taken in AdulteryBARRY comes upon an unruly crowd. He asks an onlooker what is happening.Onlooker: "They are stoning a vice-presidential candidate...(Read Full Article)