Replacing the Irreplaceable

2008 is becoming a year in which we must replace the irreplaceable.  The recent death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn is a reminder of how much we have lost and how hard it will be to find truly great men again.  When Ronald Reagan died four years ago, huge crowds of Americans waited for hours to pay their last respects to the greatest American president of the last 150 years.  When Pope John Paul II died one year later, the whole universe of decent souls understood the loss we all suffered.  This year, the mortality of moral greatness was not proven with brief rainstorms but by a constant deluge.William F. Buckley died this year.  This brilliant, decent, devout, and kind man overshadowed everything that the conservative movement in America represented.  When no other voice cried out in the wilderness of establishment Leftism, his voice not only was heard but was heard singing the truth.  Joy with genius, courage with compassion - these were the...(Read Full Article)