Political Power Flowing from the Pump

In one of the more ironic acts of political theatre we have witnessed, Speaker Nancy Pelosi last Friday ordered the lights be shut off when Republicans refused to leave the floor of the House of Representatives, determined to continue the debate over offshore drilling.  Granted, Madam Speaker is often in the dark herself, but the great irony here is that she used her control over energy to stifle a debate about increasing energy supply. One wonders if this display of power is not illustrative of a deeper malady; a lust for control that transcends the normal political power wrangling between parties.  Control energy and you can control people. Nancy Pelosi used her power over the lighting system to silence her political opponents.  What are the basics, the fundamentals that a civilization requires?  Food, clean water, shelter, clothing, transportation, heating and cooling, sanitation, lighting, are some of the major necessities that people need to survive and...(Read Full Article)