March of the Obots

"This is what we do. Just walkin' the halls all day, baby. F-k class, that s-t's for clowns man. [Laughter from his friends] We don't go to class 'round here. Man, f-k academics. That ain't me, dawg. Academics, we gonna leave that to them nerd-ass mahf-kers. We gon' keep s-t straight hood up in here." -- From the HBO documentary, Hard Times at Douglass High. quoted by Sonny Bunch in the Weekly Standard, My son-in-law is an Obot. I'm sorry, that's the kindest thing I can say. A specimen of his thinking is this: He likes Barack Obama because Hillary is just too white. This is a mid-twenties, delayed adolescent, MTV-impaired, drug-taking, hung-over, well-meaning, ne'er-do-well liberal kid, who is certainly not a racist -- except against his own race, which is just fine by the Left. A white guy sneering at whitey just proves how cool you are. And Barack Obama is his hero because he's black, and Obama's a slick hustler, and well, he's just so cool. Ya know? I like this kid,...(Read Full Article)