March of the Obots

"This is what we do. Just walkin' the halls all day, baby. F-k class, that s-t's for clowns man. [Laughter from his friends] We don't go to class 'round here. Man, f-k academics. That ain't me, dawg. Academics, we gonna leave that to them nerd-ass mahf-kers. We gon' keep s-t straight hood up in here."

From the HBO documentary, Hard Times at Douglass High.
quoted by Sonny Bunch in the Weekly Standard,
My son-in-law is an Obot. I'm sorry, that's the kindest thing I can say. A specimen of his thinking is this: He likes Barack Obama because Hillary is just too white.

This is a mid-twenties, delayed adolescent, MTV-impaired, drug-taking, hung-over, well-meaning, ne'er-do-well liberal kid, who is certainly not a racist -- except against his own race, which is just fine by the Left. A white guy sneering at whitey just proves how cool you are. And Barack Obama is his hero because he's black, and Obama's a slick hustler, and well, he's just so cool. Ya know?

I like this kid, but he reminds me of that hiker who just got swatted by an enraged mountain lioness in the California hills, after trying to cuddle her three cute little cubs. Why did he do it, according to the local CBS TV station? The answer: "I'm a Leo ... I'm a lion, too."   

This guy is a guaranteed Obot. Total zombie. There's millions of 'em. They're all going to march into voting booths in November, when they shouldn't even be allowed to cross a busy street without adult supervision. Is this a great electoral system or what?

If you listen to Obotic audiences giggling at the dull punchlines flung by this year's World Savior, you have to think this country is run by mental throwbacks. All the research on brain damage from party drugs ...   too much alcohol ...  and common STDs ...  suggests that a lot of zombie-libs are cognitively impaired  Don't look at me -- that's what the studies say. ...  They're mostly done by academic liberals, who are trying not to discover what they keep discovering anyway    

That's the best explanation for the Obama craze I've seen so far.

So 2008 is the Year of the Obots. If you put my son-in-law behind one blank screen and a Sony Playstation 3 behind another one, you couldn't tell the difference. Their heads are stuffed with New Age superstitions like a grungy old couch. They seem to be deathly afraid of honest ideas and hard facts.  I can't see any skepticism, any discussion, any open minds --  just followers following other followers.

I'm just trying to be kind, you understand.

I'm happy to live and let live. If you want to kill off your brain cells be my guest. But it's the Obots who may well tip the next election and along with it the fate of this country, at exactly the moment that the crazies in Pyongyang and Tehran are on the point of getting and maybe using their nukes. There's a national nightmare for you.

But I'm being judgmental. Please forgive. It won't happen again.

Take Jeremiah Wright, who's been spreading the toxic rumor that the CIA has been infecting black people with AIDS  His church bulletin peddles the official Hamas smear that Israel is making biological weapons genetically engineered to kill blacks and Arabs and nobody else.   Crack cocaine is a conspiracy to keep black folks down. Black-on-black crime is the fault of the Man, or invisible "institutional racism," or 6,000 years of slavery starting with Ur of the Chaldeans.

Now Barack and Michelle Obama are both bright, highly educated people, who've had all the breaks in life. But for twenty years they've sat in Rev. Wright's pews, watching him spread toxic nonsense to liberal blacks and whites, soaking it all up and solemnly nodding Yes, Yes, Yes. This is the church whose new pastor teaches the world that blacks have leprosy, as far as whites are concerned.  That's a paranoid idea, designed to inculcate hatred and self-contempt, and the Obamas are much too slick not to know that. So they're sitting by, week after week, watching sly poisons being spread to gullible people.

Just what we need in the White  House, right?

Senator Obama is playing straight to the empty beer cans in his audiences. Who else believes his high-falutin' jive talk? It's the abuse of fools by knaves --- Harvard and Princeton-educated knaves. That's a disgrace to the Democratic Party, which long ago sold out to race and gender demagogues. Just look at the list, from Pelosi to Hillary and Bill, Kerry the Vietnam back-stabber, Algore the Prophet, Murtha, Reid, John Edwards, Jesse Jackson, the whole sorry crew. What a gang!  It's the Dixiecats all over again, with Louis Farakhan and the Black Muslims playing Bull Connor and the KKK. Racism is racism. It doesn't get prettier when blacks do it.

O'bots are cannon fodder in the culture wars; like a pirate of the Caribbean, Obama pushes one overboard every now and then pour encourager les autres. (Just google it, kids.) They make a satisfying splash as they're shoved off the plank, and don't think I don't appreciate it every time it happens. It's just that he's going to appoint 2,700 O'bots in the next US Administration if he wins. For me to feel safe, he'd better start pushing a dozen sixpacks overboard every single day.

The Senator tacks with the daily winds and tides. That poses a question: When is Obama lying? Judging by his life story, it all happens on the whim of the moment. In his Audacity book Obama compared himself to a Rorschach blot:  "I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views."     That's a nice way of saying that he's a liar who changes his jive depending on who he's talking to. Then why didn't the Democrats just stick with Bill and Hillary? The lure of a fresh face? Getting more of the black vote? Reaching out to new generations of Obots?  

If Obama is elected President with working Congressional majority, he will be the most socialist President ever. If, by some miracle, the voters elect forty or more GOP Senators he will have to be more like Bill Clinton --- but then his 2,700 Lefties in government will rule like the Europeans, by means of huge, obscure regulations that nobody understands.

The United States will escape that fate only if Obama loses in a landslide, because that will trigger a nasty civil war for the Democrats.  Well, you reap what you sow.

So that's our future; and the deciding votes will be millions of Obots.

They call it the "idealistic youth vote."

Feel better now?

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