Free Gorki Aguila!

Sometimes movements are launched from the unlikeliest of sources. They might begin when a tired seamstress refuses to give up her seat on an Alabama bus or when a simple Polish shipyard worker organizes a union and faces down an empire. In Cuba, Gorki Aguila may very well be such an unlikely source. Unlikely, not because he isn't courageous, he's arguably this generation's most courageous celebrity. No, unlikely because Aguila, the lead singer of the punk rock band, "Porno para Ricardo," would rather make music with his friends than discuss global politics. But destiny has a strange way of defining our rolls in life. Earlier this week, this unlikeliest of heroes was yet again detained by Cuba's despotic authorities for the crime of  "social dangerousness." The charge may elicit memories of a bygone era of American innocence when Elvis was arrested for gyrating his hips too provocatively. But Elvis never faced 4 years in a Cuban dungeon. Gorki Aguila faces a...(Read Full Article)