Why is Dressing Down the New Dressing Up?

Even as something as monumental as the twilight of the American way of life stares us all in the face, some time should be spent on the arguably trivial point of the way we dress ourselves. It has been said "The clothing makes the man". Well, that may be. But today the man makes the clothing...or males, anyway. More, they design it. The point is that, coupled with the complete lack of common courtesy, common decency and common sense in this waning culture, the "insult to injury" shows itself in what we can now call our National Dishevelment. Not too long ago the unshaven look became the norm. Now, multiple face piercings are a plus in some industries (albeit not in the industries involving electrical work). The simple civility of showing respect to others by respecting your appearance - which has been replaced by so-called "fashion" - has been lost. Apparently the need has arisen for our populace to express themselves by how closely they can mimic the...(Read Full Article)