Obama on Jerusalem, Properly Phrased

In its lead editorial yesterday ("Obama in Jerusalem"), The New York Sun noted that Barack Obama's continuing explanations of his AIPAC speech, in which he said Jerusalem "must remain undivided," raise more questions than they answer.  Obama added yet another explanation yesterday in Sderot.To decode his current position, it is useful to review in one place the various statements he has made on this issue.  So here is a compilation of them, followed by a JCI revision of his AIPAC speech to correct the poor phrasing that marred it:1.  Position Paper on Israel issued during his 2000 congressional campaign:  "Jerusalem should remain united and should be recognized as Israel's capital."2.  January 2008 Response to the American Jewish Committee Election Questionaire -- "How do you see the likely final status of Jerusalem?":  "Jerusalem will remain Israel's capital, and no one should want or expect it to be...(Read Full Article)