How McCain Could Win

Yesterday, I laid out the very favorable environment for any Democrat running for President this year.  I noted that the current Obama lead of 4-5% is very modest, given the structural advantages any Democrat would have in this year's race.  But there is another way to look at the race: namely that absent some of the unique structural or environmental  advantages that exist for Democrats this year, John McCain should be running away from Barack Obama.  While this may sound irrational to some, I believe the key to a McCain victory is to focus his campaign and the voting public on the two candidates themselves -- their life stories, their experiences and accomplishments, their visions for the country, and their characters. If the election is decided on these factors, McCain should win. The Obama campaign has a simple message: you hate (or really, really don't like) the job George Bush is doing.  John McCain will run things just like George Bush, and I (Obama)...(Read Full Article)