Bush's Mission Accomplished

It was a little over five years ago, on May 1, 2003, that President George W. Bush was set to speak aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. It was assumed the president would arrive on the aircraft carrier in the way a president arrives on an aircraft carrier -- via helicopter. Instead, the president of the United States, who in the 1970s flew fighter planes in the Texas Air Guard, entered via an SB-3B Viking, which he flew with two other pilots, leaving the landing -- one of the most dangerous feats in aviation, akin to parking a car at a hundred miles an hour -- to one of the co-pilots.The plane skidded to a screeching halt on the small runway, a few feet from the ship's edge. A beaming Bush emerged in his bomber jacket, tucked his helmet under his left arm, and posed for pictures with the military. He proceeded to give an excellent speech under a banner marked "Mission Accomplished." The president correctly reported that major combat operations in Iraq had ended. At the time,...(Read Full Article)