The Second Amendment: Much Ado about Firearms

The Second Amendment is not that hard to understand -- not if the person reading it has a lick of sense. I'll prove it.What does this sentence (let's call it S1) mean?My over-exuberant neighbors having a wild party next door, my wife called the cops.Not terrific English grammar but the meaning is clear enough. Cause: The noise made by the neighbors. Effect: A telephone call to the authorities.Now what if I told you what I really meant when I wrote S1 was that my neighbors threw a noisy party because my wife called the cops?  What would you say? (Except that I am a lousy writer and should never have been published in American Thinker.)You would probably tell me that I have written the sentence backwards. You would argue that the antecedent is, for some unknown reason, in the wrong place -- that my neighbors' wild party is not actually the antecedent ... it is the (backwards) conclusion. Or, you might guess, the wild party was thrown because my wife called the cops about something...(Read Full Article)