Revisiting Obama's Speech to AIPAC

Barack Obama's June 4 speech to AIPAC received a favorable initial response, but the more one scrutinizes it, the more troubling it becomes.  Here are some of the portions that raised questions, ranging from minor to major:1.  Obama began his speech (the video is here) with something not in his prepared text -- a reference to the need to remember and bring home "the three soldiers still held by Hezbollah."  Perhaps it was simply a momentary slip, but it seems strange he did not realize that Gilad Shalit is held by Hamas in Gaza, not by Hezbollah in Lebanon, particularly since Shalit's status has been a key issue in the on-going negotiations over a Gaza truce.  2.  More serious was his statement regarding Jerusalem -- and his reversal of it 24 hours later.  In a paragraph beginning "Let me be clear," Obama told AIPAC that "Jerusalem must remain undivided."  The statement produced a standing ovation.  The next day,...(Read Full Article)