Our Troops Deserve All We Have to Give

Especially since 9/11, our own generation's Day of Infamy, our American troops have given us all they have to give.  They've gone wherever we've sent them and done with honor all that we've asked of them.  They've put their lives and limbs on the line every day for our Constitutional liberties and way of life.Like many in America today, no one in my family is currently in the armed forces.  My father was a Marine, but never saw combat.   My brother enlisted in the army during the Vietnam era, but was sent to Germany instead of to war.  My husband was on college deferment during the Vietnam War, and by the time he graduated, the war was scaling down and his high lottery number took him to the end of conscription without his ever being called to duty.  Our one son is profoundly deaf and ineligible for military service.So the only contact I have with military men and women is stateside and cursory.  Perhaps this is one reason why I so highly esteem...(Read Full Article)