Obama's Symbolic Blunder

The Obama campaign's latest faux pas has come and gone  (to the relief of almost everybody) with the decision to retire the "pre-presidential"seal. This is one of those incidents marked by questions that will never be answered, such as what could the campaign have possibly been thinking, and what is the appropriate punishment for whoever came up with the idea?To these we can add a third: who thought it was smart to channel FDR, Obama himself, or one of the peons? It's been completely overlooked (as far as I've seen, anyway) that a direct inspiration for the seal was the public symbol for one of Franklin D. Roosevelt's greatest policy disasters. An eagle, a blue background: Blue Eagle. Which happens to have been the emblem of the National Recovery Administration, FDR's attempt to beat the Depression by collectivizing the U.S. economy. The NRA was the centerpiece of the "Hundred Days", FDR's whirlwind law-passing spree following his inauguration. It...(Read Full Article)