Obama, Black Liberation Theology and Antisemitism

I admit it: in certain ways I have led a very sheltered life. My circle of acquaintances may have led me astray in understanding American antisemitism.As an American, who grew up in the two decades just after World War II, I have long had a strong repugnance for even the slightest hint of antisemitism.  During my lifetime, and in my own experience, the American gentiles I've known have had only the most unabashed love and respect for Jews.  To be perfectly honest -- though it may make me seem incomparably naïve -- I didn't really think antisemitism could rear its ugly head in our Country ever, ever again.Until I started following the threads of Obama's Chicago history, his church, his other associations, especially the religious ones, I honestly didn't think anyone but the scantiest few fringe neo-Nazis or throngs of Middle-Eastern Muslims still harbored Jew hatred.  I assumed Farrakhan got his antisemitism from the Koran.  The Koran, after all, is pretty...(Read Full Article)