Global Whining vs. the Truth

"105° tomorrow?  We'll be sending you out live," the television producer informed me.Like most TV Meteorologists, I loathed the heat wave live-remotes.  I would much rather work in a controlled environment, complete with air conditioning and a green Chroma-key screen.  And during extreme weather events, the studio lent itself to professionalism rather than playing on emotion."Let me guess, the bank in Walnut Creek?" I said sarcastically.  I had been through this drill many times."Perfect location.  Plus, a lot of viewers with ratings meters out there."Walnut Creek is an upscale town 30 miles east of San Francisco.  It is sheltered from the cooling influences of the coast and the Bay by a modest mountain range.  As a result, in the summer that region can bake.  The bank not only referenced the name of the town, but had a thermometer that was several degrees off, thanks to the heat absorbing black asphalt on the...(Read Full Article)