Can McCain Remain Competitive?

If money is the mother's milk of politics, then Senator John McCain seems intent on going on a hunger strike.  Barack Obama has proved to be the most effective fund-raiser in the history of American politics, at a time when McCain seems to be doing all he can to make sure that he cannot raise enough in campaign contributions to stay competitive.If Senator McCain fails in his bid for the presidency, more than any other candidate in recent memory he will well and truly have been hoist on his own petard.  His McCain-Feingold law deprives him of the resources he might raise from well-heeled individual donors -- including his remarkably wealthy wife, Cindy, who is as incapable today as Theresa Heinz Kerry had been four years ago of financially supporting her candidate husband.  However, it's not too late for Senator McCain to recognize what he's done to himself, as well as how he can turn this around.Because of restrictions placed on fundraising by the McCain-Feingold...(Read Full Article)