Barack Obama's Diplomatic Code Words

Barack Obama apparently has trouble with diplomatic code words. Former Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer, Barack Obama's Middle East advisor, told the Israel Policy Forum that Obama did not realize that "undivided" was a diplomatic "code word" meaning "undivided",  when the candidate delivered his prepared speech at AIPAC, in which he declared -- in a paragraph beginning with the words "Let me be clear" -- that Jerusalem "must remain undivided."  Obama supposedly thought it could mean "divided" -- but with no checkpoints or barbed wire between the divisions.  A day later, Obama's clear AIPAC statement was "clarified" by an unnamed advisor.At the Israel Policy Forum, Kurtzer "said it was unfortunate that so much time was being spent dwelling on one word of a 30-minute speech."  But even more unfortunately, we now need to consider two other words Obama used in his speech, and ask whether he...(Read Full Article)