Are Conservatives Dead or Resting?

The first boss I ever had, in 1968, was a Nixon-hater.  A Democrat from upstate New York, he kept a coffee mug emblazoned with a Nixon $3 bill, and he could recite the litany of Nixon's red-baiting campaigns.  First there was Jerry Voorhees in 1946, then there was Alger Hiss and the pumpkin papers.  Then there was Helen Gahagan Douglas in 1950.  You can imagine that I was surprised when Nixon won the presidency that November. We learned later that Richard Nixon's victory over Hubert Humphrey in 1968 was the first victory of Nixon's "southern strategy," a deliberate attempt to woo Southern Democrats in the years after the passage of the landmark civil rights acts of the mid 1960s.  "States rights" and "law and order" were racist code words calculated to appeal to the racist hearts of white Southern voters. Over the years this meme seems to have become all-consuming and all-explaining for our Democratic friends.  On the net...(Read Full Article)