War And Decision: Samizdat History

A few days ago I had an opportunity to discuss the pithy but engagingly written book War and Decision with its author, Douglas Feith. The book is lengthy -- with endnotes it runs to 653 pages -- but has the virtue the other books about the internal processes on the Iraq war decision-making lack. It is well-detailed and superbly documented rather than the on-the-fly and off-the top-of-the-head self-serving and extensively reviewed accounts written by the other authors.Feith's version of events is drawn from memos, briefings and his personal contemporaneous notes which, to the extent that they've been declassified, you can read here. (In addition, all the documents relied on can be read at the author's site: waranddecision.com/)Why have I called this "samizdat history"? Samizdat suggests that this is an underground publication written and distributed outside official channels under circumstances subjecting the author to substantial consequences. I have called it that...(Read Full Article)