The New Inquisition

The recent controversy over Pastor John Hagee is about much more than one man and his "crazy" (John McCain's word) comments.  The nature of the attacks on Pastor Hagee and the rapidity with which they spread and hardened into the ugliest of conclusions revealed something far deeper and far more disturbing about our public discourse on faith in America.What was most breathtaking about the debate over Pastor Hagee's statements on the Holocaust was the complete absence of one.  This was not a case where thoughtful arbiters discussed his words in the context of a rich Judeo-Christian tradition of theodicy.  There was no respect given to a quite common worldview.   There was no trial.  We skipped right to the auto da fe.  Breathe in deeply and you can still smell the embers smoldering around Pastor Hagee's public persona.  With an ever-increasing ferocity, large swaths of the media and the blogosphere are enforcing a new orthodoxy of...(Read Full Article)