The Bum Rap on Biofuels

One of the striking features of modern politics is the speed at which a candidate, or a cause, can topple from the pedestal to the doghouse.Just a few years ago the emergence of biofuels was considered so important to our country's drive for energy independence that Congress voted a fifty-one-cent-per-gallon subsidy for ethanol to help get this fledgling industry on its feet.   Now ethanol and other biofuels are being blamed for everything from global warming, to increased pollution, to the sharp rise in food prices that have triggered riots in parts of Asia and Africa.My colleagues here at American Thinker have been especially hard on biofuels, and until now I have -- uncharacteristically -- kept my mouth shut.  That's because I'm on the board of directors of Earth Biofuels, a Dallas-based producer of fuels including ethanol and biodiesel.  Those of you who are country-music fans may have heard of us, because we're the company that markets Willie Nelson's...(Read Full Article)