Cycle of Abuse: The FLDS Raid

The raid on the West Texas compound of the renegade Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS) had a precursor.[i] The McMartin daycare abuse tragedy  blazed a trail.In 1983, Judy Johnson, an alcoholic paranoid schizophrenic, told police that a daycare provider's adult son had molested her two-year-old son. Among other things, she claimed that her infant son had been sodomized, had been forced to drink the blood of a murdered baby, and had been raped in a health club by an AWOL marine and three models.No tangible evidence of sexual misconduct was produced after a thorough search of the daycare center. Nevertheless, the local police chief sent out letters to about 200 parents advising them that their children might have been sexually abused. The ensuing public fear and frenzy, from the local government's actions, resulted in $15 million dollars being spent on criminal trials with no convictions.Kyle Sapp, a key eight-year-old witness for the prosecution, initially told investigators...(Read Full Article)