Our Ferocious Home-Front Warrior: Melanie Morgan

Most military folks I know, even the Navy Seals and the Marines, admit that no war can be won without a lot of behind-the-scenes home-front help.  Of course, there's home-front help, and then there's home-front battle.A lot of us are cut out for the former, and do our share of helping in myriad ways.  Our troop-support efforts are as varied and ingenious as is the spirit of the American people. But only a few of us seem to be cut out for the home-front battles, those necessary confrontations with the anti-military leftists, the Cindy Sheehans and Medea Benjamins and the summer-soldier malcontents.We ought to just call it like it is.  A home-front warrior is a different breed than the home-front helpers.They are the few, the proud, and the ferocious.Melanie Morgan receives my own medal for our most ferocious home-front warrior.The Female John WayneMorgan is no wimp, no wall-flower, no Daisy Mae.She is the equivalent of a female John Wayne.  With enormous appeal to...(Read Full Article)