Obama and the Jewish Vote

The Jewish vote in the coming presidential election is up for grabs to an extent unseen for almost three decades, assuming Barack Obama wins his party's nomination. And that has got Jewish Democrat activists worried.An email is circulating in the Jewish community in Chicago from a Democratic Party operative, containing an article written last year about why his party is where Jews belong.  Some of the arguments that are used make the case are that both parties are good for Israel, so Jews need to look at other things, such as that Democrats "care" more for people in need.  Republican Jews, the author claims, are either greedy or scared. Such rhetoric flies in the face of the alleged unity-inducing quality that is often trumpeted as a key appeal of Obama. By demonizing Jews who support Republicans, Democrat partisans are merely revealing their insecurities about the bona fides of their presumptive presidential candidate.And crime of crimes, the article...(Read Full Article)