Jeremiah Wright's Apprentice

"Over the past 50 years, thanks to the scholarship of dozens of experts in many different disciplines, we have come to see just how skewed, prejudiced and dangerous our miseducation has been." (Excerpt from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's April 27, 2008 address to an NAACP gathering in Detroit, Michigan)"You ain't seen nuttin yet." (Jimmy Durante)Trinity United Church of Christ looks to be following a steady course in the wake of the retirement of Pastor Jeremiah Wright. While a speech the Rev. Jeremiah Wright recently delivered to an NAACP gathering included controversial claims concerning the miseducation of black children in public schools, it was consistent with earlier preaching from the pulpit of Barack Obama's church.A sermon delivered there on Sunday, December 17, 2006, entitled "How To Stop A Conspiracy," offered a step-by-step explanation of how young black male students are miseducated by public schools. The preacher began with a reference to an...(Read Full Article)