Barry honey, can we talk?

Senator Obama, I think it might be time for you to do a bit of adjustment on that attitude of yours.  Time to ditch some of that peevish audacity and pick up an ounce of humility.     For one thing, you might want to remember that when you're out on the campaign trail, the professional female reporters are not your little maidservants, nor your girlfriends, not even your adoring groupies.  And they don't fetch your coffee or even want your autograph.  Calling them, "sweetie," as you condescendingly brush off their legitimate questions is starting to cause voters concern that you are somewhat uncouth without your programmed teleprompter. But since you adopted an informal tone when speaking to members of the fairer sex, I will return the favor here, and call you Barry honey, as if we were talking across the counter of a diner in my own South.As a lawyer, you must know that if you had called this woman, "sweetie," in the workplace,...(Read Full Article)