Norman Hsu Who?

If and when the time comes to perform the autopsy on Hillary Clinton's campaign, some will trace the start of its demise back to the Norman Hsu episode.  Others will ask, "What's a Norman shoe?"Eight months ago, on August 28, 2007, Brody Mullins of the Wall Street Journal broke the Yuan Yuen (AKA "Norman") Hsu story in his article about how a Chinese family named Paw, leading a humble life-style in San Francisco, had contributed considerable monies ($284,799) to Democrat politicians.  And so began the end of Norman Hsu's grand Ponzi scheme - if that's what is was. On 13 or 14 September, according to the FBI complaint that led to his arrest, Hsu surrendered to the FBI and asked to "speak to them about his current criminal activity without his lawyers present."  What? No lawyer? Since then, with the exception of a brief court appearance or two, Hsu has disappeared down the Federal rabbit hole. (Might he be in witness protection?)Last week,...(Read Full Article)