McCain's Electoral College Math

The 2008 Presidential contest should logically be one where the Democratic Party nominee, still likely to be Barack Obama despite his latest case of foot in mouth disease, would win a solid victory. The turnout in the Democratic Party primaries has been near double that in the Republican race (and was 50% higher while the GOP race was still competitive). The Democrats' advantage The two remaining Democratic contenders have raised campaign contributions that are multiples of what John McCain has  raised, and Democrats combined have raised more than twice what all GOP contenders raised.  Party identification now runs almost 10% higher for Democrats than Republicans. Millions of African Americans and younger voters have been energized and excited by the Obama campaign, and women by the Clinton campaign, and contributed to record turnout in individual state Democratic Primaries. The Republican nominee would be the oldest President at the start of his term, if he won and he may...(Read Full Article)