America, You Have Been Had

Liberals are right about the "Right-wing Noise Machine."  It really is a wonder to behold, and last week it was performing like a well-tuned NASCAR race car.  They say that liberals are all prepared for the inevitable "swift-boating" of Barack Obama.  Look behind you, liberals.  It already happened and, like last time, it was an own-goal scored by liberals.This time it's Bill Moyers' fault.  Why, oh why, Bill, did you decide that you had to put Reverend Wright up Bill Moyers Journal on April 25, 2008 so that we could all hear his side of the story?  You must know that the sooner Reverend Wright is rusticated to his $1.5 million house in a gated suburban Chicago development and never heard from again the better.  So when Reverend Wright indicated on Bill Moyers' show that his sermons had been taken out of context the eevil right-wing talk-show host Hugh Hewitt saw his opening.  He put the whole of Reverend Wright's post 9/11...(Read Full Article)