A Century of Taxes

I was talking with a liberal friend recently over some convivial post-theater refreshment and the question of privacy came up.What do you mean, I asked?  What privacy?  I just sent in my Federal Income Tax return for 2007 and I reckon that the government already knows everything about me.  For 2007 Uncle Fed knows how much I earned in wages, in interest and dividends, and in the proceeds of any stock and mutual fund transactions.  Unless I was interested in "paying for a woman to go away" or indulging in a little innocent revolutionary activity in the suicide-bombing line, what else would the government want to know about me that it doesn't already know?I'll tell you what, I told him.  If we want to get serious about privacy, let's start with abolishing income taxes.  Personal income taxes require, by their nature, that the government knows everything about its citizens' financial affairs.  When liberals are ready to abolish the income tax...(Read Full Article)