Why Most Voters Shouldn't Vote

Often the most fanciful ideas become the least questioned assumptions.  In this election season a few have made themselves apparent, such as the notion that "change" is good by definition and "experience" is definitely good.  Yet an even better example is the oft-repeated platitude that greater voter participation yields a healthier republic.Ah, I've transgressed against dogma, but let's be logical.  Most of us agree that having an educated populace is a prerequisite for a sound democratic republic.  We also know that not everyone is well-educated.  Thus, it cannot be a good thing for everyone to vote.  For those of you who had trouble following that line of reasoning, please remember that Election Day is November 5.And one needn't be disenchanted with universal suffrage to agree.  It's one thing to have one man, one vote; it's quite another to have one man, one obligation to vote.  Yet we still hear that it's our "civic...(Read Full Article)