The Trouble with Russia

Each year a group of KGB Commissars would get together for a weekend of bear hunting.  A helicopter would fly them to a clearing deep in the forest, leave them with their guns and camping gear, then pick them up two days later.Now the hunting weekend has ended, and the Commissars are waiting in the clearing with their equipment and with the carcasses of three bears. The helicopter swoops in and lands, the pilot steps out and takes one look at the waiting cargo."Comrade Commissars," the pilot says.  "I'm sorry, but I cannot take all three bears on board.  The helicopter can carry only two.  Please decide which one you wish to leave behind."Two Commissars grab the pilot's arms, while a third slaps the pilot hard across his face and says, "Captain, this is precisely what you told us last year.  As you no doubt will remember, that led to an unpleasant afternoon of beatings and threats against your family if you didn't take all three bears...(Read Full Article)