The Palestinians Have no Interest in Peace

The latest survey on Palestinian attitudes should throw a glass of very cold water on the large class of Middle East peace processors, both here and in the region, assuming that they are conscious.  As reported by the New York Times no less, it turns out that an overwhelming majority of Palestinians in both Gaza and the West Bank support violence against Israel and want an end to any talks with Israel.  The kind of violence the Palestinians support includes the cold-blooded slaughter of 8 children in Jerusalem , when a gunman fired hundreds of rounds at  yeshiva students in a study hall, and the firing of rockets from Gaza at Israeli cities.Of course, Israel left Gaza in August 2005, so there has been no occupation or settlements for Palestinians to complain about since then, to use as justification for the firing of over 5000 rockets at Israel since the disengagement. While PA President Mahmoud Abbas initially condemned the Jerusalem attack, he has subsequently...(Read Full Article)